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Information rules the world. It is true. There is too much of it! Every day we are attacked by television, newspapers, Internet, friends, colleagues, neighbors - we do not have enough time to read, see, hear and think already. We would like to find a simple solution that will help us keep everything under control.

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There is no silver bullet. However, it is possible to make your life considerably easier. You should try Info Angel - a personal organizer with an extremely user-friendly interface. It is good for everyone who wants to keep everything in order. The program allows you to store your personal notes, pages from the Internet, your business and personal contacts and also plan your time.

The powerful text editor has a lot of MS Word features, including the support of tables and images and the HTML format. The address book contains a lot of fields for storing names, photos, addresses and comments about your friends, colleagues and partners. The convenient organizer allows you to plan your time: it stores information about future events and reminds you about them in time.

Anyway, it is difficult to mention all features. Just download Info Angel and try it for 30 days - without any limitations!