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Contact Information

Angelic Software is a small company founded in 2002. We are engaged only in software development and nothing else that is why we do it better than anything.

The main aim of our company is creating high-quality, comfortable and nice-looking software helping its users in their work. We hope that our software makes the lives of many people really easier.

Our users is our treasure that is why we will be glad if you want to contact us in order to express your opinion about some program, praise something, disapprove of something or just have a chat.

We are also glad when the number of our partners increases - if you have a business offer, let us know about it and we will probably be able to come to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Please, take note of our contact information:




Angelic Software
Lenina 61-5
Novouralsk 624130



+7 (34370) 951-57





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