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Simple Start

So, you have successfully installed Info Angel on your computer. Start it by double-clicking its icon on the Desktop.



It will open the main window of the program that you can see on the screenshot:



At the top of the window there is a text menu that allows you to carry out the main operations in the program. A bit lower there are toolbars providing you with quick and visual access to the main features of the program.

In the left part of the window there is a tree with records. It presents all records in the form of folders and documents. To make it more visual, different icons correspond to different types of documents. More details about working with the tree are available in the "Using Tree" section.

To the right from the tree, there is a panel whose appearance and contents change depending on the type of the document you are currently working with. This panel allows you to work directly with data using toolbars. During your work, all changes are immediately saved in the database so you do not have to make any special operations to save the database to the disk. More details about working with various types of documents are available in the corresponding parts of the "Using Info Angel" section.

Info Angel allows you to switch between different databases during your work. To do it, use the Database Manager that you can open from the File menu. More details about this program module are available in the "Database Manager" section.

If you want to learn better how to work with the program, we recommend that you see the "Using Info Angel" section where issues of working with the organizer are described in a more detailed manner.

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