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A: The interface of Info Angel is too simple, I think that the program is overpriced. I used such organizers as XXX and YYY - their interfaces are much more complicated, while they are not much more expensive.

Q: Indeed, the interface of our organizer is simple because the main aim during its development was usability. Though it does not influence the list of available features. Despite its external simplicity, Info Angel has unique features absent in other similar.


A: I like your organizer, but it does not have one important feature present in the programs XXX and YYY. What should I do?

Q: Send us a message to the address specified in the "Contact Information" section and we will include your request in our to-do list. Do not forget to look through the history file of the next version - your request is sure to be implemented!


A: I really like you program and I would enjoy using it, but I'm only a student and do not have enough money to purchase it.

Q: We are always glad to help our users. Contact us using the contact information specified in the "Contact Information" section and we will try to find a way out. For example, we could give you a free registration key if you translated the program into your language.


A: I did a great job and created an excellent database. I think it will be interesting for other people as well. How can I share it?

Q: Send us your database! If it is really interesting for other people, we are sure to publish it on our site and make it available for downloading free of charge. Of course, your copyright will be reserved and we will certainly mention your name on the site.