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Key Benefits

 User-friendly interface

The intuitive interface of the program makes it easier to use it.


 Convenient information representation

The representation of information in the form of a tree consisting of folders and documents similar to Windows Explorer allows you to work with data in a usual and comfortable way.


 Protecting important information

The organizer allows you to protect important records with a password so that your documents are stored in a secure way.


 Built-in text editor

The text editor of the organizer is similar to Microsoft Word and provides you with a wide range of features you can use to create impressive documents. You can change colors and fonts, insert images, work with tables and hyperlinks and also open and save documents of various formats.


 Built-in browser

Info Angel has a convenient browser similar to Internet Explorer. You can work with your favorite sites without exiting the program, just easily surfing them with the help of bookmarks.


 Working with several databases

Info Angel allows you to work with several databases easily switching between them with its convenient "Database Manager".


 Convenient backup and recovery features

The "Database Manager" has convenient tools for backing up and recovering databases, which allows you to ensure the safety of your information in case of failures.



The organizer allows you to search the entire database.

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