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The Calendar of the program will help you schedule your tasks for any day of the week and also set the reminders about important event. You can open the calendar using the Tools => Calendar menu item.



In the upper-left corner there is a calendar for the current month that you can use to select any date. The list to the left will display all events scheduled for this day.

To add information about an event, select the necessary date in the calendar and then double-click the time in the list to add a record and enter your description. You can change the size of each record depending on the duration of each event. To do it, select a record in the list and drag its lower border with the mouse pointer. You can also use the mouse to move records in the list.

If an event takes place at regular time intervals (daily, weekly, etc.), select the corresponding option in the left part of the window. In this case the event will become periodical.

To set a reminder about an event, use the Reminder field to specify the time period before the event for the program to remind you about the event by playing a sound and opening a special dialog box with information about the event. Records with a reminder set for them are marked with a special icon in the list.